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Business and IT
at its best!

Wilow Challenges
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Business model change

In a very connected world, where business meets IT, our main concern is to leverage on technology to pivot your business model.

Organization impact

As the transformation will impact your employees as well, they must remain on the same page during the transformation process.

Transformation journey

Changes are impactful to your organization. We believe collaboration is a key factor to your success !

Change Management

Address your digital
transformation challenges

Master and secure transformation risks

Befriend your business model pivot companion

BIT 360
Change Management

Business Transformation driven by IT


Transformation Plan

Transformation plan development and construction of an IT master plan to serve the new business model.


Digital Transformation Mastering

Development of the transformation plan and construction of an IT master plan to serve the new business model.


People and Training

WILOW support in building skills on the new technologies used, raising awareness and reducing resistance to change.


Deployment, Integration, Monitoring

IT transformation deployment, digital transformation journey follow up, performance evaluation and operational optimizations thanks to the WILOW BIT COCKPIT.

Faster Transformation achieved with BIT 360 Change Management

Improved customer experience

Increased brand equity, higher customer lifetime value, less customer churn and higher customer retention

Improve digital culture

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a shift to a digital-first world, you will achieve better digital culture embracement with WILOW BIT 360 Change Management

Increase productivity

Streamlined and enhanced processes, work and manual efforts reduction, team time to task completion reduction, freeing up more time to focus on higher-value work.

They trust 

More than 10,000 hours of coaching specialized in Hybrid Integration (cloud & premise), with Software AG, SAP and Microsoft Technologies.

Enterprise Management and Business Process Optimization, IT Portfolio Management, IOT & API Management.

Certified and experienced trainer-consultants through a close collaboration of 7 years with our main partner Software AG.

Proven mastery of new IT and Business issues with high impact on business run and customer service.

Digital transformation master plan review and update, strategic advisory for IT changes and people engagement.

« Customer Proximity »,
our base approach to be
close to our clients

By leveraging on our tight collaboration with our main partner Software AG,
we cover Europe, USA, Africa and Middle East.

Meet our local teams in France, Germany, Norway

« Customer Proximity », our base approach to be close to our clients

is your
partner for Change

With a “Value Optimization” approach, get best benefit
from your Transformation Moves

Wilow is your partner for Change
Wilow is your partner for Change